Are you a …? Company? Organization? Charity? Sports Club? Bank? Airline? An online magazine or news site? Or an entity wanting to offer a loyalty program to your customers or members?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. A ReadyMADe Platform

We’ve been where you are. That maddening feeling of wanting to offer something more, something better than the rest but you just can’t seem to find that right model or concept. We couldn’t find it either so we decided to build it ourselves. We set out with a few simple requirements. We needed a platform that:

  • Provided real, meaningful value. No points. No miles. No incentives that require you to buy 15 to get 10. So we identified the one thing that carries the greatest value, worldwide, to every human on the planet.

    Cash. The value of Cash is universal. Regardless of where you live, what you do for a living, Cash is king. Period.

  • Enhance brand awareness. Brand awareness and association is a powerful tool. If anyone is going to offer a value-packed program or service to their customers or members, if it doesn’t make the user or visitor associate the experience with the brand that is offering it to them then it's never going to build loyalty.

    People identify with brands, with products and experiences that align with their value systems. People who find enjoyment and fulfillment in shopping online as a means of convenience are proud to share their experiences with others. Human nature tends to give credit where it's due and who wouldn’t want their customers bragging to their friends about earning Cash Back on the same purchases they would be making online anyway.

  • Go MAD or go home. As an international leader in Cash Back for over 15 years our consumer-centric platform allows you to monetize your business not just on a local scale but on a global scale. It’s no secret we live in a world without borders. But taking a business cross-border is much easier said than done.

    For a brick and mortar business, going global is a major undertaking, not one that is fast or cheap. And, let’s call a spade a spade, even if your business is exclusively online, you can’t just pick a country to start selling overseas, thinking that your existing products, features, packaging, marketing channels or messaging will suit consumers abroad as they do at home. That is a quick recipe for failure.

    To grow a business across borders requires a deep knowledge of customs, cultures, social norms, language barriers, and even being able to change your website to read from right to left instead of left to right. If you think you’re above reproach, think again. We took the approach to build right instead of fast. We embraced our international counterparts, studied what made them tick and how to essentially become one of them. Each country on our site is customized for the local market. We don’t use translation services or aggressive marketing tactics that violate common customs and risk insulting the individuals we are hoping to attract. We use only native speakers and local residents to integrate ourselves into local communities becoming one with them. This is required to build trust and credibility so that they will feel comfortable trusting our site for their everyday shopping needs.

  • Opportunities Abound. As for an online business, don’t be confused. If you build it doesn’t necessarily mean they will come. But you’re in luck we have built a platform so versatile that you literally become a global company overnight. Whether you already have customers abroad or are looking to acquire new customers from international markets, you are sitting on a virtual goldmine.

    We have done all the heavy lifting for you, all you have to do is show up and we do the rest. And what’s more? We have presented each country in a way that respects the dynamics of each local market to ensure that consumers are attracted to your site and remain engaged each time they visit to shop. In the meantime, with each and every international user that visits your site, your business has extended its global reach just that much more.

    With a lucrative refer-a-friend program, your visitors are incentivized to share their experience with their friends and family creating virality in your program without having to do any additional marketing or make any additional investment than you do already. The power of duplication online produces an endless stream of viral growth while you are running your core business. You’ve heard of programs that allow you to earn while you sleep? Sweet Dreams.

  • The More It’s Used, The More is Earned. With the VIP REWARDS Program you have an additional opportunity to fuse your brand closer with your members. It’s really a membership program that sells itself. The $49 fee is a means to an end. Contrary to popular belief this fee isn’t designed to help you earn more commissions from the program. While of course that is par for the course, it's not the underlying meaning. Human nature dictates that something interesting happens when people invest in an ancillary purchase. They aren’t going to let it go to waste and will continue to use it to ensure they extract the most value out of it.

    Think about what a VIP REWARDS member receives for only $49 a year. With so many stores that offer so many deals, coupons, discounts, gifts with purchase, buy one get one free, members earn and save far more than $49 and several times over. It’s almost as if the membership is free, or at the very least they are being paid to shop.

Brand Awareness.

Global Reach.

More Opportunity.